About Network Optix


Network Optix is an enterprise video software development company focused on building powerful solutions to the problems of video and digital media transfer and display within any network or local machine environment.  Our technology enables the deployment of network HD video in the enterprise to near infinite scale. Enterprise Video as a Platform or “EVaaP”, powered by Network Optix, will enable an entirely new generation of enterprise video management and distribution applications, from surveillance to mobile to social media to the big screen.

Founded by Nathan Wheeler and Sergey Bystrov, Network Optix was born of their desire to improve the software available to the HD surveillance camera market.  Along the way discoveries in dynamic compression and resolution scaling, logic based stream tagging, social media live sharing, video processing methodology… and a dozen other major new innovations led them to build out the technology further to benefit any and all applications of HD video in global enterprise.

Network Optix. HD Unleashed™