HD Witness®

HD Witness is a video management platform for  managing high definition surveillance video in the enterprise. The architecture provides flexible enterprise scalability, adaptive bandwidth optimization, efficient distributed processing, automated device discovery and configuration and a highly streamlined setup and ease of use. LEARN MORE






DW Spectrum

Digital Watchdog has chosen Network Optix’ video surveillance platform to power their complete line of megapixel and IP hardware solutions. Utilizing our powerful architecture and the rich user experience that we have created, Digital Watchdog is now providing a wide array of innovative solutions to industry professionals. Digital Watchdog is now the exclusive distributor of licenses for all of our surveillance products in North and South America. LEARN MORE



EVE Media Player™

EVE Media Player (Extreme Video Environment) is the first application built by Network Optix using our revolutionary new network media architecture.  The EVE Media Player™ is extremely powerful and its uses are bound solely by your own imagination.

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