Enterprise Video as a Platform

Network Optix, the developer of EVaaP™ – a universal architecture for rapidly deploying any type of video transport, management and display solution, welcomes opportunities to provide an integrated component to your existing technology. Optimized for extreme bandwidth and processor efficiency, EVaaP is designed to remove the inherent complexity and problems of fragmented technology associated with HD video in the enterprise. Network Optix provides large scale, enterprise OEM solutions to customers worldwide by incorporating the core EVaaP benefits and developing custom features into their solution offering.

EVaaP, powered by Network Optix, is optimized for use with any operating system, on any hardware configuration with any and every type of video format, compression or resolution.


Your Video Solution from Network Optix.
HD Unleashed™.

Resolution and Algorithmic Data  Adaptive Scaling System

  • Rich user experience and powerful user interface
  • Hyper efficient processing architecture
  • Massive bandwidth savings
  • Lowest CPU usage
  • Cross-platform: Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android
  • Extreme network scalability
  • Extreme forensic zoom & manipulation
  • Quick system install
  • Auto-discovery  and auto-configuration




Servicing our clients with next-generation applications in the world beyond HD.