Nx Witness User Interface Overview

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Nx Witness User Interface Overview

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Nx Witness User Interface (UI) includes the following main controls:

Scene (main view). Displays video items from cameras or local files.

Tab Navigator (top Panel). It contains Main Menu, Tabs and the following buttons:

Connect/Disconnect button. This button indicates the current connection status and allows to connect or disconnect from Server.

Window Buttons (go/exit fullscreen, minimize, close window)

Screen Recording button. Starts/stops screen recording

Playback Panel (located on the bottom Panel). Used for playing back local videos and live streams.

Resource Tree (left Panel). Contains all servers, cameras, local files, users and layouts available to the current user.

Notifications (right Panel). Contains notifications about system events.

Scene represents space for video Items can be placed on. Nx Witness allows viewing streams from Cameras as well as Local Video Files.

Items are placed on Scene and can be saved as Layouts.

If several Tabs are opened, then each Tab contains its own Layout with Items.